Monday, July 17, 2017

..When Pharaoh's Curse Backfires and All Of Egypt's First Born Instead, Dies..

     -Article...'The Russians Are Coming, Article..…/the-russians-and-chinese-have-ma… ( So Which is it? Nuclear War, Civil War, Yellow Stone, Storms Triple Katrina, Another Carrington Effect, Nibiru, A Pale Horse Judgment And Lest I Forget, The Rapture? All of which are baffling scientist at showing heighten activity and rising into fruition right now, all are as the days of Noah, of Lot, coming Us soil in one manner or another, beware, Apb

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     -Seem to seeing bits, pieces and particles of red, white and blue, inundating and scorching the heavens into the universe, America, Britain and Canada commanded to be separated into itty, bitty pieces indeed, whose fan is in Jesus' hand, beware, Apb, see also…/repent-into-rapt…

...When Pharaoh's Curse Backfires and All Of Egypt's First Born instead, Dies..
...When Bush Cursive Wars Fail And Hussein Becomes His President
....When Trump and Putin Hand Shake Felt Around The World Is Actually A Run Signal, Escape!

     -Be careful the trap you lay isn't your own. Remember Bush went over there to destroy a Hussein, not only did a Hussein end up in the White house, the most powerful man in the world. still. Though, ironically it was doing the 42 months and two weeks of the entire duration of the dispensation of grace. Agreeably that same one allowing the church age and giving us western civilization now all fulfilled into the sounding of the seventh angel all upon it. Easily explaining why Jesus' Millennium was witnessed following Obama's and not Trump's, (both the Brides and America's Truexit), see I Thess. 4:16-18
     -Possibly giving more clarity of America's President Trump, this more of a curious one seen fulfilling the Apostle Paul's assuring end timers, this particular grantee, I Thess. 5:3, that we are undoubtedly upon both the great gathering of saints and the Antichrist reign. Just as so of Trump standing before the nation and the world declaring America safe indefinably, not only did Apostle Paul deem it as a time to take aware. It is the forewarning this Apostle immediately saw as a run signal; ironically just as I been warning people to get as furious, that's as fast and as far from the west, from the east west to as far southeast as is possible, a great exodus await.

     -For When They (Leaders), Shall Say Peace And Safety And Sudden Destruction Like A Noah, Like A Lot. Like A Yellowstone Eruption, Cometh Upon Them, With An Extinction  Level Event Pending, October 2017

     -Just consider what part of the country or the world you want to be when the worse that is suppose to happen, suddenly, abruptly and without further warning, happens. I'm reminded of the dream 2003, of the handle bars I saw which had both China and Russia spread upon them as axle grease, this hands off gesture. Only lately, 2013, when I witnessed those same handle bars this odd paper route they were instead attached upon by a funeral reef. This lethal having leaders of the free world names upon it. A horrible one mounting and stretching high into the heavens above this out break of mortuary, this mightiest of toll on human life, got Him, your temporal life to your immortal soul dependent, got Jesus yet? Awake, repent, escape, in this order, Apb, The RAM, see more here,

Benjamin Fulford: July 17, 2017 – YouTube High level meetings between Chinese, Russian and US military types have reached the conclusion that a short sharp war may be necessary in order to flush out the Nazis and their secret world network, Asian...

Friday, July 14, 2017


Article...teaching children to perform anal sex, Article... -Seen to be made to see a mass assembly of males overtaken by demons pouring into their churches, having infant babies attached to their stiff geniality, a little abomination (the legalization of evil), infuses the whole, this unthinkable detestation, all of which I witnessed 1996, targeted by a death bringer, (see Yellowstone eruption), being released from beneath the earth, "NOW!" As In "NOW, this blinking light of caution! NOW! Beware! Apb Wait A Minute, Did I Read There's An Outrage, Truly, Since When? -Just when you think imaging these horrors can't get any worse, it just does. Ah what tangled into the greatest of abominations, now targeted by an outbreak of mortuary calling on the death of all parents, that all schools be finished. Listen carefully to Apostle, treat President Trump/Pence calling America safe indefinitely as a run signal and get you and yours as far southeast as furious, fast and far as possible, as prophesied, sudden destruction will follow any announcement of peace and safety, get there and prepare for the long prophesied American Exodus, beat the stampede to be further targeted by grim reapers, (see Eze.4 and 5, beware, repent, escape in this order), Apb, The RAM -Article...'The Russians Are Coming, Article.. ( So Which is it? Nuclear War, Civil War, Yellow Stone, Storms Triple Katrina, Another Carrington Effect, Nibiru, A Pale Horse Judgment And Lest I Forget, The Rapture? All of which are baffling scientist at showing heighten activity and rising into fruition right now, all are as the days of Noah, of Lot, coming Us soil in one manner or another, beware, Apb -They're All Coming, see here, or read here, Prophecy Links -Seem to seeing bits, pieces and particles of red, white and blue, inundating and scorching the heavens into the universe, America, Britain and Canada commanded to be separated into itty, bitty pieces indeed, whose fan is in Jesus' hand, beware, Apb, see also -And I Heard A Voice In My Hearing, 2004, "America, Britain, separate them into itty, bitty pieces, (see King Nebuchadnezzar's dream, of dreaming the same, only he witness the dust particles of all nation building, for which Jesus warn, let no man deceive you, there will not be one stone left upon another, see Dan. 2, see II Pet. 3:11), Apb -President Trump/Pence Claiming America Safe Indefinitely Is Apparently The Run Signal Of The Century, Flee Before The Stampede Grim Reapers Will Target! -Rightly as Apostle said, as the days even the era of Revelation 17, I heard a voice just a few nights ago screaming, the word 'SEVENTEEN' only days earlier I witnessed as the word “HORRIBLE,” as it was just plunked out of this daily work. First undoubtedly meaning Revelation 17/18, but as well the reminder of Bush wars, deemed one error/era into a new fear factor, how we were to mark 17 and 7. Remarkably of what's now brewing in the boiling pot the prophet Jeremiah saw, not only has the year 2017 brought with it the church Age finale into the Brides' Rapture; with said reveal has come the unrecognizable actuality, that with the Bride's exit, Americans to all Westerners this world, are to make an exodus as well. -This mean President Trump and any other nation to world leader claiming that America is something other than a Truexit, make him as dangerous as the days of Moses and Egypt's Pharaohs. You see, the only thing following such false claims is sudden destruction, those cataclysmic events pending Us soil by a number of master disasters, in only months now. So be a friend, tell Jay-z, Beyonce and all other celebrities to Mass Assembly to pack mansions and twins into a backpack over the shoulder and you with them, get you and yours out of it, get as far southeast as possible first, eventually prepare for a complete exodus. Awake, repent, escape, in this order, Apb, The RAM, see more here, Psalm 37, death rider from beneath the earth, 1996, see Yellowstone eruption, see also

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Call To Stampede Heard All Around The World, Escape!

     -They're All Coming, listen here, or read here,

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     -The dream of a word puzzle lately, and the word NOW, being moved all around until it came to rest along the word Judgment, as in "Judgment Now!" With another lately about this same word NOW, only it was decorated, like the word India, the word NOW! Was now shown to have, blinking lights of caution, meaning regardless of Trump lately, crying peace and safety instead there is just this sudden, without warning come, one cataclysmic event after another, Apb,

     -Putin And Trump's Handshake, The Word Horrible Plunked Out, A Voice just last night, Screaming "Seventeen," All of Instead, is, The Call To Stampede Heard All Around The World, Escape! see entire blog here

     -This is why Apostle tell you they're all coming, and just in time for the prophesied by Oct. 2017, extinction level event, doing the intrepid dream time table, (,, I witnessed happen, one after another of just this outbreak, beware, with tens of millions dead. There will be nothing worth having left of America, and President Trump claiming that America is something other, make him really dangerous, get as far southeast as possible first, eventually prepare for a complete exodus.

The Call To Stampede Heard Around The World 

     -I heard a voice lament, 07/12/2017 you're with Eric's group, just as soon I remembered and went to research an Eric Holden (Holder), and found this, It's, importance? Don't know, but when Holy Spirits doing an additional demonstration of rapture, I know so many over 31 springs we've lost count. Doing such the departure a voice lamented, "it's a about Cameron," referencing the end of Obama's, the beginning of P. M. Cameron's Brexit, to Trumps Truexit, and now Russia allegiance
to a revised E. U. (the end time ten headed conglomerate of Daniel 7 and Revelation 17), all of which is being fulfilled on the earth. Just as so meaning very soon cataclysms will begin as to finish everything come the alternate timetable of Daniels seventieth week. So excited this last warning is about of yet following Hussein Obama's itinerary, of which lately, 2016, lead to the descent of Jesus' Millennium.
     -You see doing Obama's reveal dream, 2008, of Holy Spirits declaring "he is the one," and this 'One," eventually given the last timetable of that left of Western Rule, meaning Trump/Pence and everything they represent is a subterfuge at least meant to deceive. Justly suggested as to prove his authentic love, that we follow his itinerary. So here he's found yet performing the second of the two greatest movements of evil and wickedness on this planet, both of which are responsible for driving the nails; even now of their rebellion found as that delusion into crucifying Jesus afresh. Religion to Politics, simply the parenting and launching of the Antichrist and the false prophets, why it is whosoever is a friend of the world, is an enemy of God, plainly Jesus description of the satanic thief, the god of this world, who'd come but for to steal, kill and destroy.
    -Doing the parable of the African Juttah 1986-2016, I pretend a migration to a world exodus, where I evacuate first young marriage worshipers (see more here,, into the nation of America to the world into an African Paradise of God's twenty year extension of grace. Most of which come into a type of fruition when President Obama, an African born male, now become Us President, now as in this work is become the most powerful leader in this world. Under Obama's Presidency not only were we shown the beginning to the end of western civilization but Colonial Qaddafi's United States of Africa, (2017-2024), just as America is looking at an extinction level event out of a Yellowstone type disaster, as I say, there are no coincidences. Just this unstoppable judgement that will change America forever and for a long time, change the world all around, then is come Jesus millennium.
     -To be sincere and those reading behind me, even this work these many years know this, the mass majority of what I pretend with an American exodus unknowingly which began, again suspiciously, the Mayan Calendar of 2012. So everything about this African Juttah parable, including decades of leaders spending billions, planning that in case of a Yellowstone type master disaster, South Africa would be one of the places to which to escape. Remarkably it's as though it's been realized with the exception of Mega, transforming ships on water, which was visualized by the movie 2012, after I send them a synopsis of the story. I said all of this to say, the one world leader or leaders with good intentions will be those sincere about getting as many Americans out of harms way that is as mightily upon tens of millions.

    -That's with deadly infernos from beneath into missile fires from heaven, even nuclear disasters shooting into the sky just as the Bride escape to heaven, even of a pale horse judgement crying aloud 2002, 2017, "50 million will die." So the question remain is Hussein Barack Obama, this one I heard lately who'd been simply hand the continent of Africa, Africa who lately was said to have revenues in the trillions, is he that one, is that what Holy Spirits 2008, meant? As surely as the days of Moses, I've seen as many versions of an exodus out of America as I've seen raptures off this entire planet. Truly the meaning of seeing the sunlight of God, God's Throne crying aloud as so, just as the days of Moses "let my people go!" With one as lately as 2015, a demonstration of rapture I've named escaping to Georgia, 2015, part of which come to past lately two years to the exact month and date. As both was happening, the Brides to America's Trump is a Truexit, the Bride by the Christ of God, America's by God's wine press yet mercifully crying aloud get ye to repent altars God is avenging martyred blood," of millions poised to die, see Rev. 6th, the 5th seal, Awake, Repent, Escape, in this order, Apb, the RAM, see here, 


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Word Horrible Plunked Out! And A Voice Screaming Seventeen!

     -Repent Into The Rapture see here,
    -They're All Coming, see here, or read here,
     -Article...Its Hot - 2282% Increase in Earthquakes Around Yellowstone Past 2 Weeks - June 2017, Article… (seem to be getting the word Dutchsinse, of calculating Volcano to earthquake dangers as a word, beware,) Apb, www,

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     -Seem to seeing bits, pieces and particles of red, white and blue, inundating and scorching the heavens into the universe, America, Britain and Canada commanded to be separated into itty, bitty pieces indeed, whose fan is in Jesus' hand, beware, Apb
The Parable Of The Grim Reaper, Ezekiel . 9
-So Which is it? Nuclear War, Civil War, Yellow Stone, Storms Triple Katrina, Another Carrington Effect, Nibiru, A Pale Horse Judgment And Lest I Forget, The Rapture? All of which are showing heighten activity and rising right now, All are coming Us soil in one manner or another, beware, Apb

Putin And Trump Handshake, The Word Horrible Plunked Out, Of The Call To Stampede Heard All Around The World, Escape!

     -Sharing said Articles and Prophecy Links just above these 31 springs, I don't trust nothing this man, or any leader of the so labeled free world say. It's like he, or they'll playing this whose the best at political issues word game, found lately to spell "Judgment Now!" So with millions of lives, yours, your loved ones and billions of more left in the unbalance of their foolishness, even this tug-of-nuclear war still. Not only like the days of Senator into President Obama have I again been shown the rise of the Antichrist, even the two beast of revelation 13 reigning in great prowess regardless of what rebellious leaders do and say. This fulfillment of biblical prophecy can only happen when as performing right now, Superpowers of the dispensation of grace. Meaning the entirety of Western Civilization is as warn of God's wine press lately laid at waste and dust, whose fan is in Jesus' hand. One rule has, is and will by great beast possessing into the greatest of evils and wickedness these iron hearted men cancels out the other. Now, if you're wondering what's happening to your world, even your America, that has great scientists, baffled? See what great scientist Michio Kaku is to say and more, right here...

     -Article... “I do not know what this is happening now. Maybe the Earth experiences the influence of something from outer space. Or something started with the Earth itself. Or simply our planet is tired of everything that we do with it. None of the scientists know. 
...We can only observe, analyze and model what it can lead to. I do not know what happens to the Earth, but we all need to prepare for the worst! “ 017/06/michio-kaku-i-do-not-know-what-is-happening-to-the-earth-but-we-all-need-to-prepare-for-the-worst-2482010.html   ...(holy spirit this witness, when I first heard about Nibiru, having it's own solar system, even that the Milky Way has been relocating these last thirty years, I was reminded of Apostle John seeing New Jerusalem descend. as he tried to describe seeing a great mass as this in the heavens, God's Kingdom come, beware), Apb, 

     -An end hath come upon all four corners because your world, shaped and mold as abominable as Americans would have it, is as the Angel Gabriel 2004 forewarn. How by the fulfillment of great prophecies from the prophets of old, to Christ's Church Bride presently, meaning since these thousands of years, all is climaxing NOW! That's ever ready toward it's finale and excuse Apostle while she march and shout hallelujah all around this house, ask my grands, I kid you not, hence this witness 2016, of Jesus' glorious millennium descending. Surely the meaning. when this thieving liar Trump stood just recently before you Americans and before the world giving America an okay to continue it's apostate lives, lands and churches signal. Totally sincere, God forbid, but I want you to picture Father Noah, as so King Zechariah's panel of deceivers burning forewarnings given to them. He, Father Noah is standing on the deck of this unrecognizable Ark, telling all the curious people they have nothing to worry about, all is right not only with them, but the entire world, continue to build your innovative lives, lands and churches, peace is saved. 
    -These insurmountable tall tales, is why Apostle doesn't call Trump the Truexit and Putin, a revised EU/Antichrist reign possibly allying a hand shake around the world but an apparent as Alex Jones and Mike's AMTV want to say but can't, a run signal for all Americans. Additionally for all allying US of A to get as furious, as fast and as far away from this nation, from any semblance of western rule continuing. A must get away before a beginning western seaboard into the Midwest, even the Tennessee Valley Yellowstone type E. L. E. stampede millions into doing the same, apostle suggest as far into the southeast as it will carry you for now, as in temporarily. As so be further warn, any delay will mark you further a slow motion exodus, a damning procrastination of thumbing your noses, that great reapers commanded by God's wrath will all the more target, see Eze. 4 and 5, see the outbreak of drug overdoses, even of mortuary. 
     -These reveals isn't only why I've designed Trump's, just as the righteous Bride at this time, a Truexit, every time he opens his mouth with any plan for hundreds of millions of Americans with something other than He and his administration's plan for their, for your evacuation into exodus is not only a deceiver, he's a lying murderer, they all are. This is why God Himself, doing their presidential campaign showed the identical disgust with a Trump/Pence ticket as he did in the days of the Prophet Ezekiel; toward the rise of Gog and Magog, the pending for this very hour the end time Antichrist reign. Jesus' millennium was shown to follow Obama's because like I said, the Antichrist was shown in great prowess, into a cry of a Pale Horse reign that 50 million would die, as so a call for all parents to die by, into a command that all schools, considered to be transgender to suicide traps for children be finished. All these master disaster were projected, Us soil before Trump's inauguration, hence apostle keep telling you, stop deceiving yourselves, stop deceiving others, yours is a Truexit, awake, repent and escape! God doesn't settle for the will and well wishes of iron hearted men, only His Own is what's best for the human being, the Adam He, Himself made. 
     -This truth of the Genesis is why mankind's future has been set, either like a Noah's Ark for the world's escape, (the Brides's sudden get away), or into the Battle of Armageddon, with the rebellious has been set and told, that's predestined since the foundation of the world. This is why the American Dream was shown as a Leopard skin type predatory lending that bedazzled all people of every kingdom, nation, tongue and people. Right along an indescribable, even bedazzling distraction of a white man tossed into a bed, a nation along restrooms brawls and millions of those otherwise deceived stranded these towering towels of Babel, of Jesus so smoothly and easily snatching out His from right under their noses, got Him, got Jesus' Trump yet? America's Trump's is an evacuation into an American exodus by the wine press of God, millions upon millions dead; while, Jesus's Trump, let no man deceive you, is an escape of millions into Heavens' Throne, just as the first missile climb and fall, awake, repent and escape, in this order, Apb, The RAM, see more here,,         

Monday, July 27, 2015

Don't Hate Marriage, Love To Love

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Je suis, Jesus Christ, and he said unto me, write blessed are those bidden to the marriage supper of the lamb, upon whom the second death hath no power, JCON, at The Cross,

"Forgive us O God, according to thy loving kindness, according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies, blot out our transgressions, wash us thoroughly from our iniquities and cleanse us from sin, voice of the martyrs, see Psalms 51., also see,

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-Seen to be seeing the rise of the anti-Christ, as so in the heavens, a play on, with a large meteor like rock in possession of the church bride, when upon it’s release a voice declares: “This is the anti-Christ (NWO, Elite, Wealth Of The Wicked), murderer,” the complete destruction of King Nebuchadnezzar's Image of future emerging nations by a stone cut out without hands falling from heaven on the map, Dan. 2:3-49 02/14/2015

-Seen To Be In A Dream were I receive text message, after text message, after many alike messages stating the same thing, “Jesus is coming, Jesus is on his way!” 02/19/2015

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Married!

-I believe the church bride (see Ep. 5:27, Rev. 4:1, 19:7-10, Rev. 21:1-4 ) not the church world, (Mat. 7:21-23, Rev. 7, Rev. 17), justly the church bride soon to leave this planet, believe this end time apostle of fulfillment, see (I Thess. 4:16-18, I Cor. 15:51-58). We, the entire world of “Specialty Saints” need to perform our own non violent protest against this war on biblical marriage, the Genesis, and thus “The Cross of Jesus Christ”. Right now President Obama and the Obama Administration are circling this country and this world, actually, seemingly undoing everything John the Baptist, having baptized the world into Christ Jesus; the Obama administration soon by a baptism of blood guiltiness. They’re bringing all fornicators, especially those of same sex relations fairly bewildered into an antiChrist and thus anti God spirit of wicked baptism, (see bruising Christ’s Heel).
-This Apostle suggest all the born again reading here for a final act on this planet before again Christ snatch us out design ‘Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Married T-shirts.’ That with this statement on the back, on the front they should include I am a Husband or a Wife, in bold letters, the scriptures, Gen. 2nd. Chapt. Eph. 5:27-33; as so one or the other of the web sites below.
-For as far as I’m concern the church bride has basically been quiet as the LGBPT movement allied by the Obama Administration, the Leaders of the Free World and now the Supreme Court has designed themselves straight into a form of unholy jihad. Truthfully as they themselves enact these swords of unthinkable abominations and perversions against God and His anointed, changing the truth of God into lies and perverted fables, especially the Genesis. Remarkably, this is where we learn not only is the woman for the man, but that she is taken from man, as so the world's Redeemer, the Second Adam (Jesus the Christ), from the woman's womb.

For when the fullness of time is come, God brought forth His Son, made of a Woman, made under the law, to redeem those under the law (see Rev. 17:) that they might receive the Adoption of Sons, whereby we cry Abba Father. See Gal. 4:4-6, (,,,

-If you like this Apostle can decipher the prophecy links above, we’re reminded with the passage of time, over 2000 years beyond Christ’s Cross, and 2,500 years beyond the prophets, said time is now ticking down to the final hour when Christ Himself as promised, will resurrect the righteous dead, finding the righteous living worthy to escape as well, with the Angel Gabriel appearing, declaring us the generation of fulfillment 2004. I know such a moment in the midst of such violent, even wicked protest of Christ is intimidating, this is why Jesus admonish all those following or coming after him to die, deny self, bare this world’s individual cross for Him, and now that you’ve did the later then come and follow Him, (see Rom. 12:1, 2).
-He, Jesus, also said, he saving his life, walking by fear shall lose it, but he losing his life for Christ's sake, for the sake of The Gospel, walking by faith shall gain it forever more (see God’s Throne to HIS Kingdom Reign on earth). Now go to one of the T-shirt web sites or stores and design you, your family DHMBIM T-Shirts, even have your children/grandchildren designated as marriage worshippers, (1986-2016), if you love Christ and thus love His People past this on, let’s get this done by the millions here and around the world. Awake O Sword Against my anointed, GOH, Apb, The RAM,

-For they say the Lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth, Eze. 8:12. That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry RAM,

-Whosoever is born (rebirth by Christ’s Cross), of God does not commit sin, for his seed (seed of righteousness, Jesus), remain in him and he cannot sin, because he is born again of God (spirit lead, instead of flesh lead). In this the Children of God are manifest, (acknowledged), and the children of the Devil, whosoever does not righteousness (empowered by Christ’s Cross) is not of God, neither he who loves not his brother. I Jn. 9, 10

Prophecy Links

“I’m coming soon, go and tell my people,” …Jesus, Spring of 1986

A Voice Declaring: “A catastrophe on the earth,” the end of crystal skies mightily on the map 05/11/2014

Seen to be seeing in huge, bold, white letters, the word, forewarning: “Awake!” A final commission for all mankind to awake out of their Satanic, to Demonic, to Religious slumber. 04/12/13/2014

There’s something about a darkness that is no longer pending, but has become mankind’s most trusted bedfellow, a night that will never end for most hath come. 04/12/2014

For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

Listening to Selah: People Of The Cross,

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince Of Peace, and get us the Victory

The Spirit and the Bride say COME!

A Ministry Above