Friday, July 14, 2017


Article...teaching children to perform anal sex, Article... -Seen to be made to see a mass assembly of males overtaken by demons pouring into their churches, having infant babies attached to their stiff geniality, a little abomination (the legalization of evil), infuses the whole, this unthinkable detestation, all of which I witnessed 1996, targeted by a death bringer, (see Yellowstone eruption), being released from beneath the earth, "NOW!" As In "NOW, this blinking light of caution! NOW! Beware! Apb Wait A Minute, Did I Read There's An Outrage, Truly, Since When? -Just when you think imaging these horrors can't get any worse, it just does. Ah what tangled into the greatest of abominations, now targeted by an outbreak of mortuary calling on the death of all parents, that all schools be finished. Listen carefully to Apostle, treat President Trump/Pence calling America safe indefinitely as a run signal and get you and yours as far southeast as furious, fast and far as possible, as prophesied, sudden destruction will follow any announcement of peace and safety, get there and prepare for the long prophesied American Exodus, beat the stampede to be further targeted by grim reapers, (see Eze.4 and 5, beware, repent, escape in this order), Apb, The RAM -Article...'The Russians Are Coming, Article.. ( So Which is it? Nuclear War, Civil War, Yellow Stone, Storms Triple Katrina, Another Carrington Effect, Nibiru, A Pale Horse Judgment And Lest I Forget, The Rapture? All of which are baffling scientist at showing heighten activity and rising into fruition right now, all are as the days of Noah, of Lot, coming Us soil in one manner or another, beware, Apb -They're All Coming, see here, or read here, Prophecy Links -Seem to seeing bits, pieces and particles of red, white and blue, inundating and scorching the heavens into the universe, America, Britain and Canada commanded to be separated into itty, bitty pieces indeed, whose fan is in Jesus' hand, beware, Apb, see also -And I Heard A Voice In My Hearing, 2004, "America, Britain, separate them into itty, bitty pieces, (see King Nebuchadnezzar's dream, of dreaming the same, only he witness the dust particles of all nation building, for which Jesus warn, let no man deceive you, there will not be one stone left upon another, see Dan. 2, see II Pet. 3:11), Apb -President Trump/Pence Claiming America Safe Indefinitely Is Apparently The Run Signal Of The Century, Flee Before The Stampede Grim Reapers Will Target! -Rightly as Apostle said, as the days even the era of Revelation 17, I heard a voice just a few nights ago screaming, the word 'SEVENTEEN' only days earlier I witnessed as the word “HORRIBLE,” as it was just plunked out of this daily work. First undoubtedly meaning Revelation 17/18, but as well the reminder of Bush wars, deemed one error/era into a new fear factor, how we were to mark 17 and 7. Remarkably of what's now brewing in the boiling pot the prophet Jeremiah saw, not only has the year 2017 brought with it the church Age finale into the Brides' Rapture; with said reveal has come the unrecognizable actuality, that with the Bride's exit, Americans to all Westerners this world, are to make an exodus as well. -This mean President Trump and any other nation to world leader claiming that America is something other than a Truexit, make him as dangerous as the days of Moses and Egypt's Pharaohs. You see, the only thing following such false claims is sudden destruction, those cataclysmic events pending Us soil by a number of master disasters, in only months now. So be a friend, tell Jay-z, Beyonce and all other celebrities to Mass Assembly to pack mansions and twins into a backpack over the shoulder and you with them, get you and yours out of it, get as far southeast as possible first, eventually prepare for a complete exodus. Awake, repent, escape, in this order, Apb, The RAM, see more here, Psalm 37, death rider from beneath the earth, 1996, see Yellowstone eruption, see also

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