Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Call To Stampede Heard All Around The World, Escape!

     -They're All Coming, listen here, or read here,

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     -The dream of a word puzzle lately, and the word NOW, being moved all around until it came to rest along the word Judgment, as in "Judgment Now!" With another lately about this same word NOW, only it was decorated, like the word India, the word NOW! Was now shown to have, blinking lights of caution, meaning regardless of Trump lately, crying peace and safety instead there is just this sudden, without warning come, one cataclysmic event after another, Apb,

     -Putin And Trump's Handshake, The Word Horrible Plunked Out, A Voice just last night, Screaming "Seventeen," All of Instead, is, The Call To Stampede Heard All Around The World, Escape! see entire blog here

     -This is why Apostle tell you they're all coming, and just in time for the prophesied by Oct. 2017, extinction level event, doing the intrepid dream time table, (,, I witnessed happen, one after another of just this outbreak, beware, with tens of millions dead. There will be nothing worth having left of America, and President Trump claiming that America is something other, make him really dangerous, get as far southeast as possible first, eventually prepare for a complete exodus.

The Call To Stampede Heard Around The World 

     -I heard a voice lament, 07/12/2017 you're with Eric's group, just as soon I remembered and went to research an Eric Holden (Holder), and found this, It's, importance? Don't know, but when Holy Spirits doing an additional demonstration of rapture, I know so many over 31 springs we've lost count. Doing such the departure a voice lamented, "it's a about Cameron," referencing the end of Obama's, the beginning of P. M. Cameron's Brexit, to Trumps Truexit, and now Russia allegiance
to a revised E. U. (the end time ten headed conglomerate of Daniel 7 and Revelation 17), all of which is being fulfilled on the earth. Just as so meaning very soon cataclysms will begin as to finish everything come the alternate timetable of Daniels seventieth week. So excited this last warning is about of yet following Hussein Obama's itinerary, of which lately, 2016, lead to the descent of Jesus' Millennium.
     -You see doing Obama's reveal dream, 2008, of Holy Spirits declaring "he is the one," and this 'One," eventually given the last timetable of that left of Western Rule, meaning Trump/Pence and everything they represent is a subterfuge at least meant to deceive. Justly suggested as to prove his authentic love, that we follow his itinerary. So here he's found yet performing the second of the two greatest movements of evil and wickedness on this planet, both of which are responsible for driving the nails; even now of their rebellion found as that delusion into crucifying Jesus afresh. Religion to Politics, simply the parenting and launching of the Antichrist and the false prophets, why it is whosoever is a friend of the world, is an enemy of God, plainly Jesus description of the satanic thief, the god of this world, who'd come but for to steal, kill and destroy.
    -Doing the parable of the African Juttah 1986-2016, I pretend a migration to a world exodus, where I evacuate first young marriage worshipers (see more here,, into the nation of America to the world into an African Paradise of God's twenty year extension of grace. Most of which come into a type of fruition when President Obama, an African born male, now become Us President, now as in this work is become the most powerful leader in this world. Under Obama's Presidency not only were we shown the beginning to the end of western civilization but Colonial Qaddafi's United States of Africa, (2017-2024), just as America is looking at an extinction level event out of a Yellowstone type disaster, as I say, there are no coincidences. Just this unstoppable judgement that will change America forever and for a long time, change the world all around, then is come Jesus millennium.
     -To be sincere and those reading behind me, even this work these many years know this, the mass majority of what I pretend with an American exodus unknowingly which began, again suspiciously, the Mayan Calendar of 2012. So everything about this African Juttah parable, including decades of leaders spending billions, planning that in case of a Yellowstone type master disaster, South Africa would be one of the places to which to escape. Remarkably it's as though it's been realized with the exception of Mega, transforming ships on water, which was visualized by the movie 2012, after I send them a synopsis of the story. I said all of this to say, the one world leader or leaders with good intentions will be those sincere about getting as many Americans out of harms way that is as mightily upon tens of millions.

    -That's with deadly infernos from beneath into missile fires from heaven, even nuclear disasters shooting into the sky just as the Bride escape to heaven, even of a pale horse judgement crying aloud 2002, 2017, "50 million will die." So the question remain is Hussein Barack Obama, this one I heard lately who'd been simply hand the continent of Africa, Africa who lately was said to have revenues in the trillions, is he that one, is that what Holy Spirits 2008, meant? As surely as the days of Moses, I've seen as many versions of an exodus out of America as I've seen raptures off this entire planet. Truly the meaning of seeing the sunlight of God, God's Throne crying aloud as so, just as the days of Moses "let my people go!" With one as lately as 2015, a demonstration of rapture I've named escaping to Georgia, 2015, part of which come to past lately two years to the exact month and date. As both was happening, the Brides to America's Trump is a Truexit, the Bride by the Christ of God, America's by God's wine press yet mercifully crying aloud get ye to repent altars God is avenging martyred blood," of millions poised to die, see Rev. 6th, the 5th seal, Awake, Repent, Escape, in this order, Apb, the RAM, see here, 


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